Top 7 Famous Japanese Food

famous Japanese food

This article focuses on several famous Japanese foods. Japanese Traditional Food Japanese foods are one of the famous and delicious cuisines in the world. and for good reason. Japanese cooking is based on five colors (black, white, red, yellow, and green), five cooking techniques (raw food, grilling, steaming, boiling, and frying), and five flavors (sweet, spicy, salty, sour, and bitter). These principles can be found even in a simple meal. Japanese foods are highly prized by people around the world.

Most Famous Japanese Food is Sushi

famous Japanese food
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Sushi is the most famous Japanese food in all over the world. It is most popular dish among Japanese people. Sushi is served for special occasions and at most celebrations. Sushi is made from fermented fish with rice preserved in salt. Sushi dishes can make using many kinds of seafood. There are many different types of sushi. Nigiri, Futomaki, Hosomaki, Gunkan, Temaki, Pickled ginger are some of them.


Udon is a famous Japanese food. It is a type of Japanese noodles. It is prepared using wheat flour, water and salt. It is originated in China. Udon is cut into squares instead of long strands. Udon is popular in Japan, specialy in the South. Udon noodles can be served in hot and cold. There are many type of udon dishes. Some of the udon dishes are kake udon, miso nikomi udon, curry udon, udon suki and yaki udon.


Onigiri is rice balles with flavored filling and molded into a shape like a triangle or a circle. They are wrapped with a salty sheet of nori seaweed. This dish can be served as breakfast, snack or other meals. There are many flavors used to onigiri. Common flavors are kelp, pickled plum (umeboshi), salmon, and bonito flakes.

famous Japanese food
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Tempura is another famous Japanese food in Japan. Tempura is made by seafood and vegetables. Shrimp or white fish are the mainly used seafoods. Onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), green peppers and carrots are used as vegetables. Then seafood or vegetables are dipping in a batter which is made of flour, water, and egg. Then deep-frying them in vegetable oil. There are different tempura dishes. Each dishes provides different taste and flavor.


Yaakitori is made using every part of the chicken: such as heart, liver, and even chicken comb. This dish is made by cutting chicken meat into into small pieces and skewered on bamboo sticks and grilled. This dish is an inexpensive dish and can served with a glass of beer.

Another Famous Japanese Food is Sukiyaki

Sukiyaki is a delicious famous Japanese food. It is considered as a winter dish. It is prepared and served as a kind of hot pot.

famous Japanese food
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It is made by thinly sliced beef, vegetables, soy sauce , sugar and mirin. Sukiyaki is prepared at the table in a shallow iron pot over charcoal or another portable heat source. Then the beef slices are browned in oil, and a soy sauce, and sugar is added. Then other ingredients: such as tofu, shiitake mushrooms, onions, shirataki (a noodlelike food), and vegetables are added and cooked. The ingredients are dipped into a small bowl of raw, beaten egg after being cooked in the pot, and then eaten.

The Last Famous Japenese Food is Miso Soup

Miso soup can be found in all over the world and is a delicious and nutritious dish. It has high protein level and low calories. It is made from traditional Japanese flavours.

Miso soup is made of miso paste and dashi. Dashi is a soup stock which is made from bonito or kombu seaweed. Other ingredients in miso soup are usually tofu, wakame seaweed, Japanese radishes and potatoes.

Miso paste is prepared by fermenting grain with koji mould. There are two categories of miso paste: Red and white. Miso paste has a unique flavour but depending to the fermenting process.

Miso soup is drunk by bringing the bowl close to their mouths instead of using a spoon. It is served for throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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